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"Passionate, creative, opinionated, rogue, historian, climber, walker, wine-lover, teacher, grandfather, activist, writer – are all words that could be used to describe Tasmanian Robert McMahon. Bob lives in the Tamar Valley where he works as an outdoor instructor, but he is also the spokesperson for TAP into a Better Tasmania, a community-based organisation that was formed in response to the proposal to build Gunns’ controversial pulp mill. An avid reader and writer, Bob approaches life with the kind of zest that you can only admire. His latest project is a walk around the coast of Tasmania, a journey he is about 1200 kilometres into. He was recently in Melbourne for a bit of R & R (an ACDC concert and some reading in the parks), so we strong-armed him for a few words of wisdom." ...

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Settlement Beach Wybalena
Mt Strzelecki under a cloud

Long Beach
Last Of The Independents Ridge Ben Lomond. Painting by Bob McMahon
Sunrise, a tsunami of blood on Youls Tarn, Ben Lomond
Banded stingarees
Crested terns facing into the wind
Denison Crag at dawn, Ben Lomond
Northern escarpment Ben Lomond

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